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"In both good and more challenging times, Dave Lesser always was a concerned friend and an astute professional advisor. Dave, we are forever most thankful to you and your special talents."

-Gail Robinson, President and CEO-

Klarian Proudly Supported Gail’s Family and
WBE SMMCo in the Sale of 3 Candy
Companies, one to M&M Mars!

-Gail Robinson, CEO-


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Klarian Capital Group:

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Since 1994, Klarian Capital Group has continually developed and evolved a mix of Entrepreneurial Services tailored to our specific client base and target market.  Please take a look at our Questionnaire for the Mid-Sized Business Owner and our Case Studies to see if you and your company have the characteristics of clients we’ve successfully helped in the past.


Our clients are smaller, growing middle market businesses that typically are driven by what we call “classic founder’s skill sets” – the technical, creative and sales and marketing talents of the entrepreneurs that establish and build our clients.  These entrepreneurs are unique as business owners and managers and, therefore, their companies are unique – unique in how they grow, unique in how they succeed, unique in the challenges they encounter and unique in the missteps that they make.

At its core, Klarian’s mission is to complement and supplement these founder’s skill sets with our own –astute financial analysis, creative and in-depth planning, strategic vision and meticulous project management.  Because each entrepreneurial company develops differently, we are creative and flexible in how we devise and implement solutions that address a given client’s challenges, but it always starts with Diagnostics, understanding you, your company and your needs.  Once we reach that point, your goals become our goals!


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