Boutique Investment Banking

At Klarian, we can serve virtually all of our clients’ transactional needs.  As Financial Advisors or Boutique Investment Bankers, we provide commercial and commercial mortgage loan brokerage services, which include conventional bank financing and alternative debt financing vehicles; represent parties to acquisition and divestiture transactions, and raise equity and other forms of non-senior debt capital.  We also assist our Clients with alternative forms of transactions, such as the formulation and consummation of complex strategic partnerships and licensing transactions. 

Through professional management of our clients' special projects, we not only enhance the likelihood of success, but enable the client to achieve the maximum practical degree of confidentiality and, perhaps most importantly, permit management to maintain its focus on day-to-day operating matters.  As noted in the description of the Integration of Our Financial Intermediary and Consulting Services, leveraging our transactional expertise, we weave into our consulting work concepts that are a key element of successfully completing transactions on favorable terms.

The relationships that we maintain with a wide range of funding sources provide efficient access to private capital markets, institutional commercial and real estate lenders, economic development program funds and more creative, less well known, capital sources.  Our experience in formulating and conducting solicitations for these transactions enhances our clients' likelihood of successfully purchasing or disposing of a company or business unit, completing a financing transaction and achieving other transactional objectives.  

The expertise and contacts that Klarian provides are not generally available to companies with sales up to $[40] million, seeking to raise equity or mezzanine capital of less than $[10] million, interested in combined debt facilities of up to $[50] million or seeking to buy or sell a business for up to $[20] million.  We are dedicated to providing these types of companies with a quality of service that generally is available only through major investment banks that market their services exclusively to larger companies.  Although we possess the network and expertise to work on transactions in these denominations, our overhead management decisions permit us to assist Clients with far smaller transactions, which can be just as critical in the development of smaller businesses.