Serving You: The Entrepreneur

What do we do?

Klarian Capital Group is a diversified Entrepreneurial Services Firm, which means that we assist smaller, privately owned middle-market businesses. To do this, we offer our clients a range of Financial and Strategic Consulting Services, Boutique Investment Banking Services and Real Estate Services.  We focus on challenges that arise throughout the business life cycle, helping our Clients navigate growth, other transitions and day to day business challenges in areas such as operations, finance, planning, and strategy.

Specifically, we support two very specific types of businesses - privately owned, smaller and middle-market operating companies and mid-sized real estate ventures.  Although we do provide effective solutions to both larger and smaller clients, our core operating company clientele ranges from between 5 and 10 up to 200 employees and from between $2-3 million in revenue up to approximately $40 million in revenue. Our real estate venture Clients work on projects of different sizes and, like our operating company Clients, typically require additional talent and/or physical capacity on the senior leadership team.


Why do we do it? 

We ourselves are unique because we focus exclusively on businesses with unique entrepreneurial characteristics.   A typical Klarian Client is driven by its founder’s specific technical, creative or sales and marketing based skills and his or her distinct understanding of a niche market. These types of businesses possess their own special personalities and encounter challenges that are fundamentally different from those that larger companies face.  These businesses require advisers that take fundamentally different approaches than professionals who service their larger counterparts.  

For this reason, we design and continually refine our services in direct response to the needs of the market that we serve.  During many years of working with smaller middle market operating companies and real estate ventures, our professionals have developed a keen understanding of the unique financial and strategic challenges that these ventures encounter. Moreover, we have learned that these smaller companies and ventures struggle to find the appropriate professional advisors who can help them navigate these challenges.

If your company is led by such an entrepreneur (see our Questionnaire for the Mid-Sized Business Owner), you can benefit from our team’s understanding of the dynamics of entrepreneurs and the family-owned and other growing businesses that they lead and our unique blend of operating, financial, planning and transactional services, tailored to your needs.   


How Do We Work With Our Clients

Our clients do not encounter the same challenges as larger companies, they don’t need to same types of solutions as larger companies and they do not wish to pay for the large infrastructure that large consulting and investment banking firms maintain to address the needs of more institutional clients.  Therefore, unlike service providers that might be willing to work with smaller companies but do not specialize in doing so, we tailor our services to support the unique needs of our target entrepreneurial client base and make decisions about our own infrastructure that enable us to maintain cost-effective accessibility for our clients.